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Unlearning How To Ask For Help
Asking for help at work

Asking for help at work

The Keys to Confident Help-Seeking and Boundary-Setting

Discover the keys to confidently asking for help and setting boundaries in both personal and professional settings with our insightful discussion on navigating these complex conversations. We promise that by the end of this episode, you'll understand the crucial role open and honest communication plays in creating a supportive environment for yourself and others.

Join us as we share our thoughts and experiences on the importance of being comfortable in asking for help and enforcing boundaries. We also delve into the concept of "sweat equity contracts" as a useful tool for business owners seeking assistance without upfront payment. Furthermore, we examine how to navigate communication and support in business, create a supportive workroom environment, and unlearn the mindset of being a burden.

Lastly, we discuss the power of safe words and accountability in help-seeking, along with learning to recognize our own capacity to offer help. Our conversation will provide you with practical advice and tools to navigate these critical aspects of personal and professional growth, empowering you to foster healthy relationships and a supportive environment for yourself and those around you. So, don't miss this opportunity to level up your help-seeking and boundary-setting skills!

(0:00:00) - Setting Boundaries and Seeking Help

Asking for help, setting boundaries, sweat equity contracts, and enforcing boundaries are discussed.

(0:09:17) - Navigating Communication and Support in Business

Giving and receiving support, communicating needs, setting boundaries, and navigating conversations are discussed.

(0:20:08) - Creating a Supportive Workroom Environment

We discuss comfort in workrooms, asking for help, setting boundaries, and recognizing when something isn't a good fit.

(0:32:28) - Power of Help and Reciprocity

We discuss providing support without judgement, creating accessible payment plans, and passing on a sense of trust and security.

(0:40:26) - Unlearning Being a Burden

Delegating tasks, creating a shared contract, managing conversations, role playing, being an effective client, and being aware of capacity to help are discussed.

(0:50:47) - Safe Words and Unlearning Help-Seeking

Setting boundaries, using a safe word, accountability, self-kindness, delegating tasks, and managing conversations are discussed.

Neurodiversity Media Network
Unlearning How To Ask For Help
The Neurodiversity Media Network proudly presents Unlearning How To Ask For Help with Marissa Loewen. Each week, we take a look at the ways in which society has trained us to view help and relearn what it means to be a member of a community. Asking for help doesn’t have to be hard. Let us show you a better way.
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