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Winter Solstice

Episode 1: Riding the Wheel of the Year

Y’all. When I tell you how excited I am about this show….

One day,

and I were in the Catalyst (aff) workroom together, talking about what her new masterclass was going to be about.

The problem was, that while we definitely were doing a masterclass, neither of us had any idea what it should be about. We’d both tossed around several ideas, but nothing felt quite right for the Network, or right for her in terms of capacity.

That’s because a huge part of working with the Network is that we’re not just adding another burden to your workload. I always want our time together to feel effortless. Because that’s when I get the best stuff from you.

And then the gods walloped me on the back of the head.

If you’ve ever been tapped by the divine, then you know what I’m talking about.

I absolutely cannot take credit for this idea. I just channeled it.

And I said, “Karina. What if we did the Wheel???”

Then we both started crying, and Riding the Wheel of the Year was born.

For the next year, we’re going to meet up on every high holiday, with a message, just for you.

A message, and for paid subscribers, a meditation, and a workbook.

What we want you to know is, the Wheel belongs to you.

Wherever you live, in whatever space or climate you occupy, you can make the turning of time belong to you. This is the oldest magic in the world, and it belongs to all of us by birthright. You can live in harmony with your surroundings.

Today, on the shortest day of the year, we turn our attention inwards.

Today, we journey to a place where who matters more than when.

Today, we’re bringing in the light.

I hope that you will join us.

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Riding the Wheel of the Year
The Neurodiversity Media Network proudly presents Riding the Wheel of the Year with Karina Blackheart. In this year-long series, we’ll examine how to live seasonally, and rhythmically, regardless of where you live, or what kind of seasons you live with. Bonus meditations and workbooks for paid subscribers.
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